Welcome to UniversalDoctor

Welcome to UniversalDoctor

The present socioeconomic reality tells us that we are in a globalized world at all levels. Increasingly often, immigrants and tourists require healthcare around the world and do not share the same language as the health personnel. Sometimes communication with patients who do not speak the same language as the healthcare professional is very difficult.

To respond to this requirement, the UniversalDoctor Speaker for PCs application is a multimedia, multilingual system that makes it possible to ask questions and provide answers in multiple medical situations using audio apps.

Where is UniversalDoctor Speaker Used?

Major hospitals and primary care centers in Barcelona, Madrid, Andalusia and other Spanish regions, as well as a number of hospitals in Scotland and Italy, have begun to use the program.

UniversalDoctor Speaker has also been available on iPhone and iPad for a number of months. These tools enable travelers and health professionals to communicate their symptoms, treatment or prescription in multiple languages anywhere, anytime.

UniversalDoctor Project has more:

At UniversalDoctor we want to highlight, promote and publicize all sorts of activities that contribute to communication. Our tools are a complement for professionals who find them highly necessary, i.e., interpreters and/or intercultural mediators. At UniversalDoctor you can find diverse manuals that can improve health professional/interpreter/mediator relations. Other materials and different activities as well as multiple collaborations and agreements with different hospitals, governments and health and communication associations comprise our present reality.

UniversalDoctor is also seeking to deliver on a difficult but achievable challenge, i.e., to publicize health in multiple languages, multiple training levels and multiple formats.

Follow us through social networking sites such as this blog, Facebook or twitter! You can also download the UniversalDoctor corporate page directly.

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