New Language Added to UniversalDoctor Mobile App – Now with 13 Languages


It’s not hard to understand why the new language in our app has been in such high demand. This new language is spoken natively in one of the most popular tourist destinations in both summer and winter seasons. This country is known for its breathtaking landscapes, ancient history, delicious food, plenty of great wine and romance at every turn. Haven’t guessed it yet?

 …. We’re talking about ITALY !

We’re excited to announce that we have added ITALIAN to our UniversalDoctor Speaker mobile application. Watch our video below to see how you can use UniversalDoctor Speaker to help you when you travel.

Now with 13 languages, bring our app wherever you travel and we can help you communicate with a doctor in over 120 countries around the world. Never worry about having a data connection as all the content in UniversalDoctor Speaker is 100% offline. Our app comes with over 6,000 phrases with audios by native speakers to translate your medical visits. Just choose your language from the Patient menu and the  language of the Doctor from the 13 languages available, and you’re all set. Use the search function to find the phrase you need immediately, or use our organized system of translations designed to facilitate the translation of your medical visit. Explain your symptoms accurately and with ease, and understand your diagnosis and treatment in your own language. You can also use the app to translate your medical conditions, allergies and prescriptions. All our translations and audios are made by native speakers, while the phrases themselves have been reviewed by medical professionals.

So go explore the ancient streets of Rome, or the vineyards of Florence and the romantic canals of Venice… and know that you have a handy medical translator right on your phone – ready to make communication easier when you need it most!

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Tiago Villanueva: Can doctors become “transnational” professionals?

A recent BBC article about the globalisation of work and people, written by Lynda Gratton, professor of management practice, argues that there will be more professionals called “transnationals,” as the job and education market become increasingly globalised.

Gratton defines a transnational as a “worldwide group of people who are able to relocate at any time, making decisions based on relative global employment and investment opportunities,” “with hybrid associations among multiple cultures and societies,” and who are “able to speak more than one language and often carrying dual citizenship, will be able to adapt to the sort of cross-cultural communication that is so important for global organisations.”

Heavily enforced regulation of the medical profession between countries, even within the borders of the European Union, precludes health professionals from being deployed around the world quickly (with the exception of medical evacuation or humanitarian workers). If you live in an EU country, try figuring out the process involved in registering as a doctor in another EU country. In terms of paperwork, document translation and authentication, cost, and time, the effort is enormous……Full Version in BMJ Group Blogs..

Millennia2015 y UniversalDoctor Project llegan a un acuerdo de colaboración

UniversalDoctor Project y Millennia2015  han firmado un acuerdo de colaboración para difundir aplicaciones multilingües especialmente dedicadas a las mujeres.

Millennia2015 fue fundada en el año 2007 por el Institut Destrée, Centro de Estudios Europeos y ONG socia oficial de UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), con estatus consultivo y en estatus especial con ECOSOC (United Nations Economic and Social Council). Cuenta con más de dos mil expertas y expertos de más de 100 países o regiones organizados en comunidades regionales y grupos de trabajo internacionales.

Millennia2015 tiene como principales objetivos reforzar y promover el empoderamiento de las mujeres y su entera participación en las decisiones políticas, económicas y sociales; el respeto a los derechos humanos y la igualdad de género.

Millennia2015 realiza principalmente actividades de investigación prospectiva y cuenta con 37 publicaciones todas ellas de gran valor informativo.

Entre sus principales actividades se encuentra la de organizar conferencias. En este sentido, cabe destacar la 2º Conferencia Internacional : Un plan de acción para el empoderamiento de las mujeres, que se celebrará en la sede de la UNESCO, Paris, el 3 y 4 de Diciembre de 2012.

Health G20 : Promoting Health and Development on the G20’s Agenda

Health G20 has been created by the International Centre for Health, Migration and Development in Geneva, Switzerland and the Dasman Diabetes Institute in association with Pro-Brook Publishing. The ICMHD Executive Director, Dr Manuel Carballo, and the Director, Professor Kazem Behehani,  are editors of the publication. Pro-Brook Publishing is a specialist publisher in the global healthcare arena.

The objective of Health G20 is to promote health and development on the G20’s agenda. Underlying all economies is a healthy population, Health G20 is there to brief world leaders on key disease areas, common problems and new developments to ensure that healthcare is not left off the agenda of this powerful grouping.

Health G20 could not have been published without the assistance of the Supporters. The Supporters range from healthcare NGOs, UN agencies, commercial companies and academic institutions.

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