UniversalDoctor… en Barcelona Health Hub

¡UniversalDoctor está de vuelta en Barcelona!

Tras un tiempo fuera de Barcelona, UniversalDoctor vuelve a disponer de una sede en la ciudad, y el lugar escogido no es otro que el Barcelona Health Hub.


Barcelona Health Hub (BHH) se asienta en el impresionante conjunto arquitectónico modernista ideado por Lluís Domènech i Montaner, que fue el Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau durante casi 100 años.

La misión de la asociación Barcelona Health Hub es potenciar la innovación en salud digital y su transferencia al sector, uniendo startups, organizaciones sanitarias, empresas e inversores.


El pasado 2018 fue un gran año para UniversalDoctor, pero queremos que este 2019 sea todavía mejor, y creemos que este es el primer paso para conseguirlo. El equipo de UniversalDoctor al completo está muy ilusionado y con ganas de afrontar esta nueva etapa.

¡Ven a visitarnos en el Barcelona Health Hub!

Roger de Lluria 29

Words are not scary: Fighting the Chagas disease with innovation

Words are not scary: Fighting the Chagas disease with innovation

Friday, 23rd November 2018

Last Wednesday, the “WHO Meeting of Partners and Stakeholders for the control and elimination of Chagas disease” was held at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, where Dr. Jordi Serrano Pons, on behalf of UniversalDoctor, was honored to participate as one of the Partners of the WHO Chagas Unit.

Different initiatives related to innovative instruments and strategies were presented at this Meeting led by Dr. Pedro Albajar with the objective of pushing the Agenda for the Control/Elimination of Chagas disease:

1) Chagas disease control and elimination – Review of epidemiological definitions and updated objectives: According to WHO: “Chagas disease, also called American trypanosomiasis, is a life-threatening disease caused by the protozoan parasite Trypanosoma cruzi. There are between 6 and 7 million people infected with Trypanosoma cruzi, the parasite that causes Chagas disease Chagas disease is found mainly in endemic areas of 21 countries in Latin America, where it is transmitted to humans primarily by faeces or urine of triatomine insects known as vinchucas, chinches or with many other names, according to the geographical zone.”


Dr. Lise Grout detailed the WHO objectives for 2030 very precisely.

2) Awareness, detection and research through a dual epidemiology approach in a mobile App: Dr. Jordi Serrano Pons presented a new collaboration of UniversalDoctor with the WHO and detailed the work we are doing with the Chagas unit developing Applications and Chatbots to create an Information Hub that helps improve knowledge, detection and research among health professionals and patients.


We want to highlight the concept of “Missed Opportunity” in all these types of tools: It is very important that a cardiologist or a family doctor does not miss the opportunity to make a possible Chagas disease diagnosis. With digital tools, particularly an educational chatbot that we are building, we want to ensure that these “Missed Opportunities” do not occur.


3) Business Process Management System of medical supplies, related documents and epidemiological information.

Dr. Albert Abello of the UPC explained the control system for the elimination of NTDs (Neglected Tropical Diseases) that are being developed jointly with WHO.


Words are not scary

During the seminar: “WHO Seminar at lunch time on information, education and communication for the control / elimination of Chagas disease and Beat Chagas”, directed by Dr. Jordi Gómez, the singer Jofre Bardagi sang the song : Words are not scary.

This song has been supported and sung by well-known singers such as Juan Manuel Serrat and Rosana among others. (in the photo below the singer Jofre Bardagi singing in room B of the WHO).


Partners and Stakeholders Support:

The number of Partners in this alliance is diverse and in some cases they are Partners of great significance in the world of research in the healthcare domain, including institutions such as Mundo Sano, Chagas Coalition, DNDi-Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative, FIND-, PROSICS, Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, National Control Program of Qualidade (Brazil), ISGlobal, Probitas Foundation, Bayer, Sanofi, Sapienza University, CONICET, among others.

It is an honor for UniversalDoctor to work with all of them on the WHO Agenda for the Control / Elimination of Chagas disease.


UniversalDoctor Partners with Chatbotsforhealth to Deploy Public Health Chatbots Worldwide


UniversalDoctor is proud to announce a new partnership with Pastel Health, an exciting company based in Paris, France, that is reinventing remote communication between patients and healthcare professionals by bringing dynamic, API-powered chatbot creation to the healthcare space.

Our collaboration will empower healthcare professionals, medical centers and
institutions across the globe to create and deploy their own chatbots without any coding knowledge using the innovative platform by chatbotsforhealth.
Why chatbots, you ask? Dr. Durand, the co-founder of Pastel Health, together with Frederic Gonnet, and innovative physician behind the platform, explains “Chatbots are the new generation of user interfaces. They provide unlimited possibilities to solve healthcare problems, because they instantly adapt to the user, thanks to natural language processing.”
Chatbots can be an important piece of the puzzle to improving access to public health, as Dr. Jordi Serrano-Pons, the Founder of UniversalDoctor, explains, “Healthcare systems around the world will need to adopt, deploy and promote new tools such as chatbots in order to advance the Sustainable Development Goals by expanding access to healthcare and validated information as much as possible. That is why we are going to focus in the development of Public Health and ‘Medicine-On-the-Go’ Chatbots at UniversalDoctor to help in this process.”
We are excited to embark on this new adventure with Pastel Health. If you’re interested in learning more about the chatbotsforhealth platform and building your own custom chatbot, contact us at chatbotsforhealth@universaldoctor.com.


Dr. Jordi Serrano Pons Presents at the Convergence Summit by Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance

wlsa The Convergence Summit is Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance’s (WLSA) annual flagship event, held in San Diego this year, where healthcare, technology and wireless health communication leaders tackle key issues facing the connected health community. It was a packed two-day agenda with keynote thought leaders, such as Eric Topol, wireless technology best practices, interactive sessions, structured networking and industry demos. Dr. Jordi Serrano Pons, CEO of UniversalDoctor, was invited to present on the International Discussion panel where 5 experts covered the issue of connected health on four different continents. Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 8.28.06 pm

10:35 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. – The International Discussion

  • Session Leader: Ralph Simon, Chief Executive Officer, Mobilium Global Limited
  • Peter Cowhey, PhD, Dean; Qualcomm Endowed Chair in Communications and Technology Policy, UCSD
  • Jack Kreindler, MD, Founder, Sentrian
  • Scott Lambert, Lead Partner, Engagements & Prototype, Ascension Health
  • Anne Lidgard, PhD, Director, Vinnova
  • Jordi Serrano Pons, MD, Founder of UniversalDoctor; Consultant, WHO

It was an enlightening panel moderated by Ralph Simon, a pioneer in the mobile industry, on connected health in different parts of the world. Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 8.31.18 pm Dr. Peter Cowhey started off the discussion on how international laws are behind innovation, yet negotiations are taking place to include the export and import of wireless technologies around the world.

Dr. Jack Kreindler, based out of London and San Diego, presented Sentrian, the first Remote Patient Intelligence company that aspires to eliminate all preventable hospitalization by leveraging the revolution in biosensors and machine learning to remotely detect patient deterioration before problems become acute.
Scott Lambert of Ascension Health, the largest non-profit health system in the U.S. and the world’s largest Catholic health system, explained how they’re working with an Indian hospital association to promote the possibilities of medical tourism in the Cayman Islands.
Dr. Anne Lidgard of Vinnova, the Swedish governmental agency for innovation systems, talked about the innovations taking place in the Nordic region of Europe.
Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 8.34.07 pm
Jordi presented on how launching Universal Doctor around the globe has allowed him to see the inner workings of many health systems of different countries, driving him to bring further innovation in the field of healthcare to bridge gaps. His company, Universal Doctor, achieves this through mobile and web apps that bridge the language gap between different healthcare personnel and foreign patients. He also raised different possibilities of innovation in products made in the developed world, which could be adapted for emerging market settings to facilitate healthcare. This is where his non-profit initiative Zero Mothers Die, co-founded with two other non-profit foundations, could play a key role in bringing technology partners, governments and civil society together to facilitate the introduction of life-saving low-cost technologies to reduce maternal mortality.
Another key theme of the discussion was the possibilities of big data of national healthcare systems in Europe, such as some NHS projects in England and the VISC+ project launched in Catalonia,Spain by AQUAS and how it can be used for research purposes.

CGIPrBzUQAE7FtN   Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 7.59.26 pm Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 7.59.17 pm Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 7.59.08 pm Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 7.58.59 pm Images courtesy of: @Validic – @Webba13 – @nickreeldx – thanks!

Jordi Serrano Pons Presents at Global #mHealth Marketplace and Innovation Seminar at #MWC15

During the Mobile World Congress, a key Seminar was hosted by Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Harvard University entitled “Global mHealth Marketplace and Innovation,” during which an overview of the emerging global mobile health (mHealth) market was given, along with approaches for innovation, measuring outcomes and ROI, and examples of successfully implemented systems.

2015-03-05 10.44.02

The Seminar was opened by Dr. Joan Cornet, mHealth Director of Mobile World Capital and Roberto Ascione, President of Razorfish Healthware. Dr. Jordi Serrano Pons, CEO of UniversalDoctor and co-Founder of Zero Mothers Die, presented during the Implementation Strategies session, covering the importance of stakeholders in mHealth and how to engage the community to share experiences and best practices. He described 4 key strategies for not only connecting mHealth stakeholders but also leveraging their solutions, best practices and lessons learned through:

  1. Public-private partnerships: such as MAMA (Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action) and Zero Mothers Die,
  2. Co-creation of solutions: between the public and experts through initiatives such as openIDEO,
  3. Collaboration, sharing and leveraging: through large-scale coalitions bringing key actors together such as mPowering Frontline Health Workers, as well as the development of open-source tools, such as OpenDataKit (ODK) and RapidPro,
  4. Reinforcement, strengthening and capacity-building: via initiatives such as HealthEnabled as well as UNICEF Innovation Labs and digital accelerators.

Jordi presented alongside Prof. Yunkap Kwankam of Global eHealth Consultants who discussed the Global m-eHealth Knowledge Commons committed to sharing innovation for improved mHealth implementation and Dr. HM Goh of the mHealth Asia Pacific Region.

Dr. Jordi Serrano Pons presenting Zero Mothers Die's public-private partnership approach to scaling mHealth

Dr. Jordi Serrano Pons presenting Zero Mothers Die’s public-private partnership approach to scaling mHealth

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 7.52.41 pm

Dr. Jordi Serrano Pons presenting mPowering Frontline Health Workers

Roberto Ascione, President of Razorfish Healthware

Chuck Parker, Vice President of Personal Connected Health Alliance

Yuri Quintana, PhD Harvard Medical University

2015-03-05 11.49.03

Prof. Yunkap Kwankam, CEO of Global eHealth Consultants

2015-03-05 11.50.10

2015-03-05 11.41.27 2015-03-05 12.00.38 2015-03-05 12.02.21

Universal Doctor Speaker Wins WSA-Mobile Global Champion Award for #mHealth

WSA-mobile EventVisual Eventpage copy

The 2015 UN World Summit Award – Mobile Global Congress (WSA-Mobile) brought together 400 local and international mobile experts in Abu Dhabi on February 1-3, 2015, to recognise the best mobile applications for social and economic development from 178 countries.

Universal Doctor Speaker was chosen as the Global Champion of the mEnvironment and mHealth category!


Under the theme “Connecting Smart Minds’, the three-day event highlighted global innovation in mobile technologies to enrich lives and empower communities by bringing together some of the world’s best mobile content developers.  WSA-Mobile showcased 500 mobile applications across 178 countries and eight main categories covering a range of key economic, social and business areas, from commerce and government to environment, health and education. The event honored the 40 world’s best mobile producers for their pioneering innovation in the field of mobile and ICTs, chosen by an international jury of experts, who were invited as winners to the WSA-Mobile Congress and to compete for the Global Champion Award for their category. At the Grand Gala at the end of the Congress, the eight Global Champions were announced from each category during the ceremony. The Global Champions chosen by the international jury were:

  • Universal Doctor Speaker from the m-Environment and Health category
  • MOBIZY from the m-Business and Commerce category
  • Dubai Police app from the m-Government and Participation category
  • Life Saver from the m-Learning and Education category
  • Createrria from the m- Entertainment and Lifestyle category
  • Ancient Aquilea 3D from the m-Tourism and Culture category
  • LIFENEWS from the m-media and news category
  • LIVOX app from the m- Inclusion and Empowerment category.


As the only ICT award reaching out to the mobile community by honoring its content developers and experts in more than 178 countries, WSA-Mobile focuses on originality, diversity and creative content through innovative IT solutions that have positive long term implications on people’s lives.

“The WSA mobile Global Congress is the impressive showcase of products from all United Nations member states that make a difference and therefore have been selected by the WSA-mobile jury of global experts from 40 countries. The World Summit award addresses the social impact of mobile content and apps in the context of the UN focus on making the world sustainable and to create a true knowledge society,” said Professor Peter A. Bruck, Chairman of the World Summit Award Board of Directors.

The 40 winning international teams, who came to Abu Dhabi to compete for the Global Champion Award for their category, showcased their winning mobile apps and solutions at the WSA-Mobile Exhibition at the St. Regis hotel. The exhibition was visited by Dr. Major General Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Police Central Operations and Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, who were accompanied by Rashed Lahaj Al Mansoori, Director General at Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre (ADSIC). Hosted by ADSIC at the St. Regis hotel, the WSA-Mobile Global Congress is part of the United Nation’s World Summit on Information Society (WSIS).

2015-02-02 21.17.19

WSA_150202_0017_1483 WSA_150203_0109_2523WSA_150203_0131_2531 2015-02-03 12.39.22 WSA_150203_0148_2580

View the full photo album from the event here:


About WSA-Mobile 


The World Summit Award Mobile (WSA-mobile) is a global initiative to select and promote the world’s best in mobile content and innovative applications within the framework of, and in cooperation with, the United Nations’ World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), mandated by the WSIS Plan of Action and executed in collaboration with UNESCO, UNIDO and UN GAID.

WSA-mobile emphasizes cultural diversity and identity, the creation of varied information content and the digitalization of educational, scientific and cultural heritage. It aims to make the benefits of the new Information Society accessible and meaningful for all humanity, and in particular, to raise public awareness and give deserved public recognition to the highest quality e-Content, produced all over the world.

With great support of The Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre (ADSIC)as the main partner, the World Summit Award and its global network uses its eleven years of expertise to answer the main question: “What is really out there in the mobile world and might still be slumbering inside a few creative minds, but can change our every day life tomorrow?”

WSA-mobile was started in 2010 as the sister-award of the World Summit Award for e-Content. WSA-mobile reaches out to mobile communities from more than 170 UN and UNESCO member states to organize its global competition for best and most creative mobile Content.

global network of experts nominates the 8 best local apps to the global contest. The submissions are evaluated by an international Grand Jury, who select the 40 winners.  The winners are invited to the WSA-mobile Global Congress to showcase their innovation on a global stage.

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