UniversalDoctor Presents on Roundtable: Scaling up Innovations for Women’s Health

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Dr. Jordi Serrano Pons, the founder of UniversalDoctor Project, presented at the Women Leaders Forum on the “Scaling up Innovations for Women’s Health” Roundtable.

The founder of UniversalDoctor, Jordi Serrano Pons, presented last week on a panel focused on “Scaling Up Innovations for Women’s Health” at the Women Leaders Forum. It was an official side event of the United Nations General Assembly organized by Advanced Development for Africa Foundation, the Global Partnerships Forum, and the Global Digital Health Initiative, in cooperation with the ITU and UNAIDS, with  First Ladies and high level individuals focused on women’s health and mobile health in attendance.

Jordi was joined by the following exciting panelists:

UniversalWomen Speaker, our new multilingual tool for pregnancy, childbirth and maternal health, was also launched at the Women Leaders Forum.


Photos from the Women Leaders Forum

2013-09-27 10.47.37

Jordi Serrano Pons presents on the roundtable “Scaling Innovations for Women’s Health”

2013-09-27 11.01.46

2013-09-27 11.01.59

2013-09-27 10.20.35

Left to right: Hamadoun Touré, Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU); Coumba Touré, Founder and President of the Advanced Development for Africa Foundation; H.E. Christine Kaseba-Sata, First Lady of Zambia; H.E. Toyin Saraki, Founder and President of The Wellbeing Foundation for Africa; Amir Dossal, Chairman of the Global Partnerships Forum

2013-09-27 11.59.00

Muhammad Yunus, Chairman of the Yunus Center presents the Keynote address.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 6.03.22 PM

Michel Sidibé, the Executive Director of UNAIDS, launches Zero Mothers Die, a partnership project using mobile health for maternal health which UniversalDoctor is a partner of.

2013-09-27 11.18.52

2013-09-27 11.18.58

2013-09-27 11.19.08

UniversalWomen Speaker is a new multilingual tool providing medical translations on pregnancy, childbirth and overall maternal health in initially six languages. UniversalWomen Speaker facilitates multilingual communication between women and healthcare professionals who don’t speak the same language. We are proud to announce that UniversalWomen Speaker will be launched at a panel on

UniversalWomen Speaker is the flagship mobile health tool being developed for the UniversalWomen Project – a joint venture between UniversalDoctor and the Millennia2025 “Women and Innovation” Foundation to promote equal access to maternal healthcare information by reducing language barriers between healthcare professionals and women.

UniversalWomen Speaker is available as a free download for your iPad, download it today by clicking on the image below!



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