UniversalDoctor Co-Sponsors the MIHealth Forum in Barcelona

MIHealth FORUM is the benchmark global forum for clinical innovation and health management.

UniversalDoctor was honored to co-sponsor the second MIHealth Forum in Barcelona, which took place last week. The focus was Health Management and Clinical Innovation. Seventy leading international experts discussed the future of healthcare, with about 1,200 attendees from around the world.

The list of topics that were analysed in Fira de Barcelona’s Palau de Congressos covered managing chronic illness; the use of technologies in the field of healthcare; encouraging innovation among clinical personnel; the involvement of citizens in the design of the healthcare system; and the analysis of success stories, such as the knowledge transfer programme of the North American University Hospital, Johns Hopkins, which has successfully exported its model of care and professional education to 17 countries.


To find out more about MIHealth Forum, see the program here: http://www.mihealthforum.com/en/programme

Or download a PDF of the full program here: http://media.firabcn.es/content/S101013/doc/programa_descarregable.pdf

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UniversalDoctor Enters the LLGA | Cities Pilot the Future Initiative

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LLGA | Cities Pilot the Future is a “call for solutions” put out by City officials from 22 cities all over the world to all urban and social innovators to present their innovations to solve city problems. Innovators were asked to submit a showcase of their solutions on Citymart.com identifying the problem they tackle and demonstrate how the solution does that. City officials will then evaluate the solutions submitted and nominate winning solutions. If nominated as a winning solution, the innovator will be able to pilot their solution in a city and attend the LLGA | Cities Summit in May in San Francisco where solution providers can connect with municipal decision-makers.

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We’re happy to announce that UniversalDoctor was submitted as a solution in the LLGA Cities Pilot the Future initiative. Visit our showcase to see the presentation of our solution, and learn more about our business model and our impacts on society. We detail the problem that we’d like to help cities across the world solve, along with how our solution tackles this problem.

Please support our submission by going to our UniversalDoctor showcase and recommending it on Facebook, Twitter, Linked, and Google+. We have uploaded a ton of great media to our showcase – photos, videos, screenshots and more for you to enjoy. [Please note that you will need to spend just a few minutes to create your Citymart.com profile to view all the details].

Thank you for your support! We sincerely appreciate it.


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