Essential Travel Health Apps – Keeping You Safe and Healthy While You Travel


Whether you are planning to go to the Caribbean for some tropical sun or to the Swiss Alps to escape the heat and enjoying some skiing, traveling is one of the best things to do during the vacation period. What is the one thing we never travel without these days? You guessed it, our mobile phones. So why not download some apps that will help you stay safe and healthy while you’re away from home…

We’ve done some investigation and identified our top 5 travel health apps that can really make a difference in keeping you safe when you travel. The important details for each app are listed below to help you decide.

(We’ve also included links to honest and useful physician reviews from the site We highly suggest you check them out – excellent resource for physician reviews on medical and healthcare apps!)



Do you have symptom questions? Search for health answers with iTriage Health, Doctor, Symptom & Healthcare Search app. Find medications, diseases, and medical locations and instantly get answers to your questions on your iOS device. Created by two ER medical doctors, iTriage gives you quick access to a huge healthcare & medical database in your pocket.

iTriage has millions of users in over 80 countries around the world.

Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Web App

Price: Free

User Reviews: 4.5 stars (25,448 reviews)

iMedicalApps Reviews:




Doctoralia enables you to locate health professionals and centers near you, or search for them by name, speciality, city and zip – all from your mobile phone. Find and contact providers easily and access reviews by patients like you. You can also keep a list of your favorite professionals for easy access to their contact info.

Currently you can use Doctoralia on your mobile phone in 16 countries: US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Russia, Brasil, Mexico.
 Great for finding the right care when you need it most.

Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Web App

Price: Free

User Reviews: 4.5 stars (9 ratings)


Travel Health


Travel Health is a great First Aid resource for all travelers – especially for those times when you can’t access your local physician. It’s essentially a first aid handbook on your mobile phone. Travel health features a symptom searcher, information on common traveler’s illnesses, and practical tips on staying health while you travel. Easy to follow travel health advice at your fingertips.

Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Price: $2.99

User Reviews: 4.5 stars (55 ratings)

Video Review:


ICE Standard – The Emergency Standard Card App for iPhone

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 2.52.37 PM

ICE Standard helps first time responders and emergency room personnel locate a person’s updated medical information, emergency / medical contacts, medical insurance information, blood type, name, address and a photo verification of the individual.

Color coding of your medical information helps first responders quickly determine the severity of potential issues with the patient, based on their medical history. Red indicates the individual has severe allergies, medical devices, health conditions, or is on medications. Yellow indicates the individual is taking medications.

Platforms: iOS (iPhone)

Price: Free.

User Reviews: 5 stars (896 ratings)


Allergy Food Translator

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 2.56.44 PMScreen Shot 2013-08-09 at 2.56.35 PM

Avoid allergic reactions to food when you travel! Use this app to create individual profiles for your entire family, each with a different list of food allergies. Then translate those, with a warning message, into a local language. Show your phone to waiters or people serving you food and they’ll know which foods you need to stay away from.

The app currently has 62 different food allergies in the following categories. Egg Allergies, Fish Allergies, Milk Allergies, Peanut Allergies, Shellfish Allergies, Soy Allergies, Tree Nut Allergies, Wheat Allergies and more.

Current languages: French, German, Spanish. All translations are done by native language speakers.

Platforms: iOS (iPhone)

Price: $2.99.

User Reviews: 5 stars (1 rating)


We would be remiss if we didn’t add UniversalDoctor Speaker here as well!

UniversalDoctor Speaker: Medical Translator with Audio

The most comprehensive mobile medical translator app – with thousands of sentences and native audios in 13 languages to translate and facilitate your medical visits in over 120 countries. It covers every step of a medical visit, whether you’re at a hospital or a primary care clinic, starting from accurately explaining your symptoms to understanding your diagnosis and treatment. How do we do this? By providing translations from both the patient side and the doctor side that are organized in a way to facilitate multilingual communication between you and a physician.

That’s not all – the app also has:

  • a search function to help you find the phrase you need in an emergency
  • the capacity to translate your medical conditions, allergies and prescriptions
  • all of the content is 100% offline so you never have to worry about having a data connection to use the app.

And best of all, it doesn’t add any weight to your suitcase since it operates directly from your mobile device (iPhone or iPad… Android version coming soon!).

Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad), Web App

Price: $6.99

User Reviews: 4 stars (15 ratings)

So in addition to our top 5 travel health apps, make sure you take UniversalDoctor Speaker with you too.

Wishing you happy, safe and healthy travels from the team at UniversalDoctor!

Our Vision of Health 2.0 in Berlin

Recently one of the most important events in the field of Health 2.0 was held in Berlin – Health 2.0 Europe. With over 300 attendees from 30+ countries and 75 speakers presenting new Health 2.0 projects and technologies, it was certainly a showcase of innovation and transformation in healthcare.

The conference was held in the largest Hospital in Germany, Charité , not far from the Brandenburg Gate. Less than 500 meters from where the wall divided Europe, more than 400 people from both sides of Europe gathered to enjoy the latest in Health 2.0 technologies.

The audience was up close and interactive with the intense and inspiring lineup of speakers who presented the merits of their Health 2.0 technology or project to transform healthcare.

From this lineup, we’d like to highlight projects that stood out to us…

SXT Health CIC – A mobile SMS-based platform that provides rapid access to tailored sexual health information and medical professionals based on need and geography.

Blue Button – Innovation to allow patients access to their own medical records was one of the important issues of the day and so it is important to emphasize the concept of Blue Button technology – allowing patients simple yet secure access to their personal medical history through a highly visible, clickable button. This electronic health record (EHR) can be downloaded and made available to a specialist with only one click. Blue Button is now in widespread use by hospitals, doctors and health plans across the United States. Several vendors of this system, including the U.S. Administration, explained the possibilities of this technology for patient information.

In the closing Keynote, Peter Levin, Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs and developer of the Blue Button initiative, spoke about the incredible impact of the Blue Button and how important it is to give this accessibility to patients, while safeguarding their patient data and maintaining data security.

The Vice President of Kaiser Permanente also explained how this innovative American insurer tries to give access to mobile history to all its affiliates. – A powerful multilingual search and access system for biomedical information, which will provide reliable and understandable text and image results from multiple data sources. It’s geared not only to medical doctors and radiologists, but also to patients and their relatives seeking trusted and understandable medical information in their own language.

iWantGreatCare – A platform allowing local patients to rate and review doctors, dentists, hospitals, medicines and care homes, in the language of their choice. Using real-time patient experience to transform patient care.

Medting – A web-based platform for clinical case collaboration allowing doctors to request second opinions from other doctors around the world.

Fundacion Recover – An organization working to make healthcare more accessible in disadvantaged areas by using web and social technologies to allow physicians from Africa to collaborate and request second opinions from physicians in Spain. Fundacion Recover has an innovative partnership with Medting to connect African doctors to specialists in Spain to work jointly on difficult medical cases and deliver care in Africa. 

And finally, UniversalDoctor Speaker was presented! With many positive reactions from the attendees, some of which are shared below:

We received a lot of interest on creating joint platforms and integrating UniversalDoctor multilingual technology into various Health 2.0 projects. We’re excited to move forward on these ideas.

The Health 2.0 Conference in Berlin ended with a dinner where all the different Health 2.0 Chapter managers explained what Europeans are doing in their respective cities. Many laughs and stories were shared among this lively group of European entrepreneurs trying to influence innovation in this field. These past few weeks, the Chapter of Barcelona has been very active and is becoming a strong local network.

This year’s Health 2.0 Europe Conference was once again a great success thanks to  Matthew Holt (Health 2.0 Conference co-founder), Pascal Lardier (Health 2.0’s international ambassador), Emily Hagerman, Grace Moen, Patrick Houck and all the other organizers and people involved.


For a full overview of the Conference, head over to MedCrunch and see their Health 2.0 Conference Review, or check out this summary article in Health 2.o News.

The next Conference will be Health 2.0 Middle East on January 27-28, 2013 in Dubai.

Topics will include: Diabetes 2.0 – What’s in your big pocket (tablets) – GeoMedicine – Medical Tourism 2.0 – Health 2.0 and Arab Social Media – Pharma 2.0 – Health 2.0 for Payers – EHR/PHR – Personal Trackers

To follow the projects we mentioned, you can find them on Twitter:

@UniversalDoctor | @Health2eu | @pascal_lardier | @boltyboy | @iwgc | @Medting |

@khresmoi | @SXTHealthCIC | @MedCrunch

Health 2.0 Europe 2012 in Berlin

We are very pleased to announce that UniversalDoctor will participate in the Health 2.0 Europe 2012 in Berlin.

It’s about a new generation of entrepreneurs believing they can be the change they want to see in their health systems.

Taking place at the Langenbeck Virchow Haus in Berlin on November 6-7, the event will reconvene the key Health 2.0 stakeholders in Europe: health entrepreneurs, IT solution providers, health professionals, patient organizations, health authorities, public and private insurance organizations, medical devices and pharmaceutical companies, telecom groups, VC and financiers, policy makers, academics…

We are pretty sure that we will meet again interesting people in Berlin.

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