Exciting Announcement from UniversalDoctor at the mHealth Summit!


In honor of the 2013 mHealth Summit starting today in Washington, D.C., we are bringing UniversalDoctor Speaker to more people around the world…

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of UniversalDoctor Speaker for Android on the Google Play Store!

App Icon


We also recently added 2 new languages to support our users from and travelers to Italy and Poland, bringing the total number of languages for UniversalDoctor Speaker for iOS and Android to 13 languages — the biggest range of languages available on any medical translator app on the market.


For our Android fans, we’re very happy to finally bring you the first Android version of UniversalDoctor Speaker. Even though this is our initial foray onto this platform, we will be releasing the full version of our app with 13 languages and audios – available free for a limited time to celebrate Android users and the mHealth Summit.

We’d love to get your feedback on what other languages are important to you (tweet us @UniversalDoctor!).


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