UniversalDoctor Partners with Chatbotsforhealth to Deploy Public Health Chatbots Worldwide


UniversalDoctor is proud to announce a new partnership with Pastel Health, an exciting company based in Paris, France, that is reinventing remote communication between patients and healthcare professionals by bringing dynamic, API-powered chatbot creation to the healthcare space.

Our collaboration will empower healthcare professionals, medical centers and
institutions across the globe to create and deploy their own chatbots without any coding knowledge using the innovative platform by chatbotsforhealth.
Why chatbots, you ask? Dr. Durand, the co-founder of Pastel Health, together with Frederic Gonnet, and innovative physician behind the platform, explains “Chatbots are the new generation of user interfaces. They provide unlimited possibilities to solve healthcare problems, because they instantly adapt to the user, thanks to natural language processing.”
Chatbots can be an important piece of the puzzle to improving access to public health, as Dr. Jordi Serrano-Pons, the Founder of UniversalDoctor, explains, “Healthcare systems around the world will need to adopt, deploy and promote new tools such as chatbots in order to advance the Sustainable Development Goals by expanding access to healthcare and validated information as much as possible. That is why we are going to focus in the development of Public Health and ‘Medicine-On-the-Go’ Chatbots at UniversalDoctor to help in this process.”
We are excited to embark on this new adventure with Pastel Health. If you’re interested in learning more about the chatbotsforhealth platform and building your own custom chatbot, contact us at chatbotsforhealth@universaldoctor.com.


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