TicSalut Foundation Signs Agreement with UniversalDoctor


The TicSalut Foundation, an agency within the Ministry of Health of Catalonia, signs a new agreement with UniversalDoctor. The deal will facilitate the use of a new version of the UniversalDoctor Speaker app in Catalan health centres.

UniversalDoctor Speaker is an online platform that makes it possible to improve communication between patients and health personnel when they do not share the same language. It is presently implemented in Catalonia in the Catalan Health Institute’s primary care centres and in a number of centres in the Public Hospitals Network (XHUP). The platform, which was developed in Catalonia, has also been implemented abroad, in countries including Belgium, Norway, Scotland, Italy and Portugal.

The agreement with UniversalDoctor makes it possible for Catalan health centres to use this technology platform under advantageous conditions, providing an effective support tool for communication in different languages that complements the role of the intercultural mediator. The platform’s popularity within the primary care network and its experience and expansion abroad speak to its reliability,” said Dr. Francesc García Cuyàs, director of the TicSalut Foundation and general coordinator of the Catalan Health Ministry’s information and communication technologies.

UniversalDoctor Speaker offers a simple and intuitive IT program that enables medical records to be handled and the right treatments prescribed in 13 languages in different clinical scenarios. With this tool, any health professional can pose more than 2,000 questions and provide explanations in English, Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Moroccan Arabic, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Urdu, Polish and Dutch. A new version will strongly reinforce the Russian language and include a form of Arabic more characteristic of the Near East. The majority of these questions and answers are accompanied by audio excerpts, improving communication with patients who have difficulties in correctly understanding explanations in the health professional’s language. All of the translations have been created and reviewed by professional translators who specialise in medical translations.

UniversalDoctor Speaker is a highly consolidated and strongly validated tool which we believe can be of great use to professionals. The agreement signed with the TicSalut Foundation also means that centres which acquire the tool will have the technical and training support required for its implementation,” said Jordi Serrano, founder of the UniversalDoctor project.

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