UniversalDoctor available on your HP TouchPad in France and UK

The HP TouchPad was launched on the  market  and UniversalDoctor was immediately available to users at the tablet store on the day of the launch.

A new form of distribution and greater communication possibilities among more patients and doctors have encouraged us to continue to create and to be continually concerned with the feedback from different health workers and patients travelling around the world.

For that reason we made UniversalDoctor Speaker_USA, UniversalDoctor Speaker_France and UniversalDoctor_UnitedKingdom available for people who purchase an HP TouchPad in the US, France and UnitedKingdom.

We are travelling more and more. In many countries we can get by speaking in English, Spanish, or French, but in others it is nearly impossible – so taking UniversalDoctor Speaker on your HP TouchPaD would be very useful in facilitating communication for both patients and doctors.

With UniversalDoctor Speaker you decide the language you want to communicate in (currently available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, French and German).

Very soon you will be able to prepare your medical records before you travel. This could be fundamental in certain cases.

The application will shortly be available as UniversalDoctor_Deustchland ( in Germany)

HP TouchPad will facilitate interaction with patients: It is small and lightweight, yet at the same time absolutely huge. The TouchPad measures 9.45″ wide by 7.48″ high by 0.54″ deep. It weighs in at approximately 1.6 pounds (or 740 grams), making it the ideal size to contain the sum of all human knowledge, specifically knowledge in the highly important field of health issues.

With UniversalDoctor Speaker you can set off  in peace of mind.

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