Health G20 : Promoting Health and Development on the G20’s Agenda

Health G20 has been created by the International Centre for Health, Migration and Development in Geneva, Switzerland and the Dasman Diabetes Institute in association with Pro-Brook Publishing. The ICMHD Executive Director, Dr Manuel Carballo, and the Director, Professor Kazem Behehani,  are editors of the publication. Pro-Brook Publishing is a specialist publisher in the global healthcare arena.

The objective of Health G20 is to promote health and development on the G20’s agenda. Underlying all economies is a healthy population, Health G20 is there to brief world leaders on key disease areas, common problems and new developments to ensure that healthcare is not left off the agenda of this powerful grouping.

Health G20 could not have been published without the assistance of the Supporters. The Supporters range from healthcare NGOs, UN agencies, commercial companies and academic institutions.

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