UniversalWomen Speaker – Multilingual eHealth Tool Tailored for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Maternal Health

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*UniversalWomen Speaker will soon be launched at the Women Leaders Forum in NYC, an official side event of the United Nations 68th General Assembly.*

UniversalWomen Project

Maternal mortality continues to be a significant issue for pregnant women around the world, with 287,000 maternal deaths recorded in 2010. The United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) seek to improve maternal through MDG 5 by targeting the reduction of maternal mortality ratios by three quarters. UniversalWomen Project is a joint venture between UniversalDoctor and the Millennia2025 “Women and Innovation” Foundation to support efforts in reducing maternal mortality around the world by disseminating a multilingual eHealth tool, UniversalWomen Speaker, tailored for pregnancies, childbirth, and overall maternal health. By partnering with Millennia2025 Foundation, our goal is to develop and share electronic information (eInformation) in local languages for pregnant women and new mothers around the world, thereby enabling and increasing access by women around the world to maternal health information that can help them have healthier pregnancies and births. The flagship tool being developed to encompass this is UniversalWomen Speaker.

UniversalWomen Speaker

As part of the UniversalWomen Project, UniversalWomen Speaker will facilitate multilingual communication between pregnant women and any healthcare personnel during pregnancy, childbirth and other maternal health issues. UniversalWomen Speaker is a specific tool for women’s health issues, initially being developed to be used in delivery rooms during childbirth, and soon expanding to cover other maternal and women’s health contexts. The tool will soon have hundreds of phrases used by both patients and healthcare personnel in multiple languages. The content within UniversalWomen Speaker is longer, providing more thorough and informative explanations to help women better understand various maternal health issues they may be facing. UniversalWomen Speaker will be launched as a web application accessible from any mobile device (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc) with a unique interface designed to facilitate multilingual communication between women and healthcare personnel, particularly in the delivery room. A free trial version of UniversalWomen Speaker will be made available online soon (check back here for the link!).

UniversalWomen Speaker was presented at the Special Session on Women and eHealth at Med-e-Tel – the International eHealth, Telemedicine and Health ICT Forum that took place on April 10-12, 2013 in Luxembourg. The session was organized by the Millennia2015 International Working Group on Women and eHealth. Med-e-Tel is an official event of the International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH) – an international federation of 74 national associations who represent their country’s Telemedicine and eHealth stakeholders.

Our vision for UniversalWomen Speaker is a robust tool covering various women’s health issues, starting with pregnancy and then expanding to include other important women’s health and disease prevention topics.

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Photos from presentation of UniversalWomen Speaker at MedeTel:

Jordi Serrano Pons presenting UniversalWomen Speaker at MedeTel

Jordi Serrano Pons presenting UniversalWomen Speaker at MedeTel


Jordi Serrano Pons presenting UniversalNurse Speaker at MedeTel

Jordi Serrano Pons presenting UniversalNurse Speaker at MedeTel

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UniversalNurse Speaker

UniversalNurse Speaker is another tool being developed through the partnership between UniversalDoctor and Millennia2025 Foundation. It will also be presented at the Special Session on Women and eHealth at Med-e-Tel 2013.

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UniversalNurse Speaker will be tailored for and dedicated to supporting Nurses, enabling them to communicate with patients in several different languages. Nurses will feel more empowered to deliver care to patients in diverse multicultural settings. To find out more, watch this video or click on the flyer on the left.

UniversalWomen Speaker and UniversalNurse Speaker were announced at the Millennia2015 2nd International Conference at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on 3 December 2012.


About the UniversalDoctor & Millennia2025 Foundation Partnership

Millennia2025_Foundation_Logo_548pxIn December 2012, Millennia2025 Foundation and UniversalDoctor partnered to develop multilingual eHealth and mobile health applications dedicated to women’s health. Millennia2025 and UniversalDoctor will collaborate to disseminate multilingual eHealth tools dedicated to women’s issues and maternal health, known as UniversalWomen, and a new tool tailored for Nurses, called UniversalNurse Speaker.

Millennia2025 Foundation is the supporting foundation of Millennia2015. With 484 experts from over 65 countries organized into regional communities and international working groups, Millennia2015′s main objectives are to reinforce and promote women’s empowerment and their full participation in political, economic and social decisions with respect to human rights and gender equality. Millennia2015 achieves this through prospective research and investigation; they have identified 37 critical variables on which they organize research and conferences. One of these is a two-year study on Women, Health and ICTs and the intersection across these three domains.

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