Telefonica Announcement — Live from the Mobile World Congress

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Telefónica today announced the first countries in which it will launch Firefox OS — the new, open mobile operating system from Mozilla which will power the world’s first Open Web Devices. The first commercial handsets featuring Firefox OS will go on sale in Brazil, Colombia, Spain and Venezuela in mid-2013. Further launches are planned in both Europe and Latin America in late 2013 and 2014. The first Firefox OS handsets to launch in these initial markets will be manufactured by Alcatel One Touch, LG and ZTE.

“Firefox OS marks a significant milestone for the mobile industry, enabling for the first time devices to be manufactured to totally open web standards. It provides an alternative to current, closed mobile ecosystems that lock consumers in.

pic-for-mozilla-front-page-leadFirefox OS brings the freedom and unbounded innovation of the open Web to the mobile environment, removing the unnecessary restrictions of proprietary ecosystems,” said Gary Kovacs, CEO, Mozilla. “Telefónica has shared this vision from the very start of the Firefox OS project. They have been instrumental in making Firefox OS a reality and we look forward to bringing a new and exciting smartphone experience to their customers globally.”

Customers will benefit from everything they need from a smartphone out of the box, plus many added features including built-in cost controls, Facebook and Twitter integration, location-based services, the much-loved Firefox Web browser and a revolutionary new search capability. This delivers a deep and contextual search that allows customers to search both within apps and on the web at the same time. For example, search for a music artist and get results to buy songs, concert tickets or even listen to them instantly without the need to install any apps.

Telefonica, which put its weight behind the Mozilla platform at GSMA Mobile World Congress last year, will be among the first operators to support Firefox OS, with the intention of making it available to “all Telefonica customers globally”.

To find out more, see the important links below:

Gallery of devices with Firefox OS:

FxOS_device_Front1 ZTE-Open-blue1


Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 10.08.00 PM

What is Aplicateca? Telefónica partnered with NEC Corporation to create a platform of cloud-based applications aimed at providing business services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This platform, known as the Aplicateca marketplace, will provide Telefónica’s SME customers with business services such as human resources, billing, logistics and fleet management, through a collection of cloud-based applications that can be accessed from a single source through a monthly subscription.

To find out more about Telefónica and Aplicateca, watch the excellent video below:

In español:

Guía Rápida di Aplicateca


Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 10.11.19 PM

Telefónica is also at the GSMA’s Mobile World Congress (MWC). Check out their microsite dedicated to MWC: Telefónica | MWC 2013.

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Telefónica is one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications operators, providing communication, information and entertainment solutions, with presence in 24 countries and 314 million customers. Additionally, it has over 850 million combined customers around the world through its strategic and industrial alliances with China Unicom and Telecom Italia.

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