Travel safer with UniversalDoctor Speaker in your pocket

We are traveling more and more… and on all these trips there is one thing we never leave behind: our mobile phone.

Today our mobile phone is our communication center, camera, music player, and more. Now it can also be our medical assistant, our interpreter for health matters – even translating our medical history.

In a place where they speak a language you don’t speak or where your language is not used: a health problem, the need to visit a doctor or a hospital admission can be a serious, even critical, situation where language barriers could inhibit good medical care.

By downloading UniversalDoctor Speaker on your mobile phone you have a medical facilitator in your pocket with 11 languages (and more coming soon!). You decide the language you want to communicate in by choosing the patient language and the healthcare personnel language.

You can also have your medical history, such as existing conditions, allergies and treatments, as well as your prescriptions translated into 11 languages in our app.

2012-07-27 10.22.56

More than 150,000 people around the world have already downloaded UniversalDoctor Speaker, making it one of the top 10 medical apps in the US for several weeks. Over 50 hospitals across Europe are also using our UniversalDoctor Speaker technology to communicate better with their patients.

UniversalDoctor Speaker is proving valuable to thousands of travelers and physicians around the world. Now you too can travel with greater peace of mind by downloading UniversalDoctor Speaker today with our FREE special promotion for New Years Eve!

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