SXT – Using Mobile Health to Deliver Tailored Sexual Health Information

UniversalDoctor was in Berlin this past week for Health 2.0 Europe 2012. An innovative social enterprise called SXT Health Community Interest Company was also there, and we learned how they use mobile health to improve sexual health.

They deliver tailored, accurate sexual health information to anyone with a mobile phone filtered by geography, service and opening times. All that is needed is a text message with a postal code, and in under a minute tailored sexual health information is delivered to the user’s mobile phone. SXT has built a service for both providers and clients to support community provision, advocate for clients and to champion high quality care. Their service is run by health professionals and is completely confidential. The goal of SXT is to help reduce the burden of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies by matching provider capacity with client demand. To find out more, check out their ‘How It Works‘ page. Their sexual health information can also be accessed by visiting their website. We look forward to seeing more of SXT!

Follow SXT on Twitter: @SXTHealthCIC

Check our blog soon for more updates on what we learned at Health 2.0 Europe 2012 and what interesting “Health 2.0” tools were presented!

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