Tiago Villanueva: Can doctors become “transnational” professionals?

A recent BBC article about the globalisation of work and people, written by Lynda Gratton, professor of management practice, argues that there will be more professionals called “transnationals,” as the job and education market become increasingly globalised.

Gratton defines a transnational as a “worldwide group of people who are able to relocate at any time, making decisions based on relative global employment and investment opportunities,” “with hybrid associations among multiple cultures and societies,” and who are “able to speak more than one language and often carrying dual citizenship, will be able to adapt to the sort of cross-cultural communication that is so important for global organisations.”

Heavily enforced regulation of the medical profession between countries, even within the borders of the European Union, precludes health professionals from being deployed around the world quickly (with the exception of medical evacuation or humanitarian workers). If you live in an EU country, try figuring out the process involved in registering as a doctor in another EU country. In terms of paperwork, document translation and authentication, cost, and time, the effort is enormous……Full Version in BMJ Group Blogs..

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