The Global Health Forum

The Global Health Forum will be held in Geneva (Switzerland) from 18 to 20 April 2012.

The president of the Forum professor Louis Loutan explains the objectives of the Forum in his welcoming messages. In previous editions he has said,   “In the context of a globalizing economy, the challenges involved in ensuring access to health have become a matter of great concern.The Geneva Health Forum will provide a unique opportunity for all participants to present and explore innovative partnerships and programmes facilitating access to health.”

For this new, upcoming Global Health Forum he underlined that the meeting would focus on chronic conditions, “The new edition edition of the Geneva Health Forum will focus on chronic conditions which pose major challenges to health systems in high and low-income countries, in stable and emergency situations. To address this challenge the GHF solicits accounts from those on the frontlines, whether they are working at the local level in a rural clinic, at the national level in a ministry or developing policy at the international level.”

Finally, the need for the continuous exchange of knowledge is encouraged through participation in the, “Building on networks and partners, the GHF is becoming a permanent forum through the platform, a collaborative space that allows year-round interactions, prior and after the meeting in Geneva. This platform encourages exchanges of knowledge and practical experiences and facilitates access to debates, thus widening the participation of those isolated in the field. Putting in touch people with various resources and skills, it helps in generating new initiatives and actions, which can be monitored in real time.”

Congratulations to this permanent initiative. We recommend anyone working on chronic conditions  to submit  research abstracts or  project  implementation experiences to . Geneva Health Forum offers the possibility to add photos or short videos with your submission. In order to share submissions with an international audience, accepted submission are posted on-line, including the added photos or videos.


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