Bilingual post: Your health while you are travelling..

Bilingual post: Your health while you are travelling..

We are travelling more and more all the time. Increasingly more people travel for business reasons, tourism, a short break, or a year’s sabbatical….and on all these trips there is one thing they never leave behind: their mobile phone.


Today our cell phone is our communication centre, our camera, our music equipment, our video camera. Now it can also be our particular medical assistant, our interpreter for health matters – even our medical records.

今天,我们手机一次扮演了通讯中心相机、音乐播放器、录影机等各种角色。现在更可以作为医疗保健的帮手,在就医时提供翻译 – 甚至能翻译病例记录。

In a place that features a language you cannot speak, or in a country where your language is not known or hardly used, a health problem, the need to visit a doctor, or, in the worse case, a hospital admission, can be a serious, even critical, situation.


The language barrier can be a very important drawback in such a scenario.


That is why at UniversalDoctor we are continually improving our mobile applications. The UniversalDoctor Speaker for iPhone app is already proving highly useful to thousands and thousands of travelers and physicians around the world.

因此,UniversalDoctor 不断地致力于改善我们的手机应用程序。UniversalDoctor Speaker 的 iPhone 应用程序证明已经全球为上千名旅人和医生提供了实际的帮助。

With UniversalDoctor on your iPhone you can explain many medical aspects in multiple languages. Wherever you go, if you require medical assistance or have to communicate with doctors, our application will help you take the first steps in a new health system.

若在 iPhone 上装有UniversalDoctor 程序,你将能以多种语言轻易地解释许多基本的医疗保健概念。无论身到何处,要是需要医疗协助或与医生沟通,本程序将能在你接触全新的医疗体系时,帮助你踏出第一步。

You can also carry your medical records and treatment (prescriptions, etc.) with you in all the languages available on the application.


Choose the patient language and the health personnel language for problem-free communication. From now on you can travel with greater peace of mind.



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