Now travel safer with UniversalDoctor Speaker

Now travel safer with UniversalDoctor Speaker

We are travelling more and more. In many countries we can get by speaking in English, Spanish or French, but in others it is nearly impossible – so taking UniversalDoctor Speaker on your telephone would be very useful in facilitating this work. You decide the language you want to communicate in.

You can also prepare your medical records before you travel. This could be fundamental in certain cases.

That is why we have developed a highly successful version for iPhone and iPad which topped health-related downloads in the US for a number of weeks.

More than 25,000 people around the world have already downloaded the UniversalDoctor Speaker app on their  iPhone/iPad.

The iPad application further enables increased two-way communication flow in hospitals, and diverse centers have begun to use it together with the regular application.

It will shortly be available on other mobile platforms, too.

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